Water Walker TPU

Durable Quality Water Walker TPU for Sale

Water Walker is one of thrilling water toys for people running and water zorbing recreation. We can also use it walking on land. Apparently, the participants will undergo exciting experience in fun with inflatable roller ball. The kids love it much more than adults. Firstly, Vano Inlatables Ltd manufacture the water roller wheel with strong material PVC. More expensive TPU is optional. Secondly, the hamster wheel roller has double-wall structure. It consists of two entries at both sides. Those bring the safety to players when standing inside the water walker. Furthermore, a great number of zorb rollers are available in different patterns and sizes. The clear water rollers are on best sale. In short, you will get quality guaranteed and long warranty from us. We also make fast few days delivery. Competitive prices are always there for you. If you need any help, welcome to send an inquiry !

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